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Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program


Ambassador Program

img022The ambassadors of the Coca-Cola system are a family of followers of the brand that act as ambassadors of the Coca-Cola system, our actions influence how people perceive Coca-Cola and their confidence to drink and enjoy our wide range of products. Our beverages and their ingredients to create refreshing moments, help cover daily hydration needs and offer alternatives to consumers, including calorie-free and low-calorie options.

With every word, every decision and every time, the ambassadors of the Coca-Cola system help to build our brands and inspire confidence in our companies and our system. Each of us is the personal face of Coca-Cola. Where we go, we carry the Coca-Cola brand in our hearts and in our actions.

Ambassador of Coca-Cola is a spirit that connects all our system and allows us to refresh people around the world. It helps us, and those around us, to recognize that we are part of something special. It identifies us as advocates for our brands, our products and all the good that creates our system.

Our Symbol


The symbol of the bottle in the heart celebrates our love and commitment with Coca-Cola. It is an active symbol that helps us share our passion and confidence as we strengthen our brands with our colleagues, Ambassadors of Coca-Cola, our family and our friends.

Our brands

  • CocaCola
  • DietCoke E1439315718803 245x245 (1)
  • Coca Cola Zero1 (1)
  • Sprite1 E1449857727306
  • Sprite Zero1 (1)
  • Fanta E1449857868496 (1)
  • Fanta Pinnaple 245x244 (1)
  • Fanta Uva1 (1)
  • Icee (1)
  • Crush1 (1)
  • Dr Pepper1 (1)
  • Dasani2
  • SW (1)
  • VW (1)
  • Minute Maid2 (1)
  • Hic1 (1)
  • Fuze (1)
  • Pow1 (1)
  • Monster1 (1)

About Us

Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers (CCPRB) is the leading manufacturer, bottler and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages in Puerto Rico.